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Creative anachronism



Well how about that!  The folks at the Connecticut Historical Society just posted about scrapbooks today too.

A souvenir from the Holy Land

Lately this blog has become a place to post cute or fun things I find while processing.  I’ll try to write up some content of debatable substance soon.

I found this in a collection that I am processing with a volunteer.  This is the same collection that contains the note about girls in the choir that I showed in a previous post.

Translation: A memory of the Holy Land; compliments of Cotera Brothers [I arrive at this translation because I can’t find a meaning for “cotera” and surmise that it might be an example of border Spanish; I would have expected “Hermanos Cotera” for Cotera Brothers.]

Our “Monkey” brand coffee is positively of the best quality that we can obtain in Mexico’s best producing centers.

Our chocolate, Mexican style, is made, positively also, with the best cacaos and in an absolutely hygienic way.

A wild flower from the Mount of Olives (Holy Land) from which place our Lord Jesus Christ ascended to heaven.

(There’s also a letter on the back from a priest expressing confidence in the authenticity of the flower based on the supplier’s good reputation.)

I can’t say I’ve ever seen advertising quite like this.  Although Hebrew National comes close . . .

Cornstalk paper

As I was looking through the Santa Fe Railroad Agricultural Department (Amarillo, Texas) records today I found this:

The scanner I used doesn’t capture the color very well: the cover is bright yellow.  The paper is indistinguishable from pulp paper of the era (circa 1928).

My question is: why did they stop?  And what will it take for someone to start making cornstalk paper again?

Back from Seattle and in the saddle

You can see the video here; I had to split in in two to put up on youtube, and I warn you: part 2 blanks out from 7:11 to about 7:32, thanks to Windows Movie Maker.  I hope the podcast version of the first part will be available through NMSU’s itunes soon: it’ll have different music (still with Yours Truly on the drums).  As it turned out, Rick Hendricks, the New Mexico State Historian, kindly set up and played the video for me.  If I had known he would be there I could have just asked him to read my paper and saved myself a lot of trouble.  Oh well.

As for the presentation for the Society of Southwest Archivists, you can read that by going to the “Presentations” page on this blog.

I haven’t even mentioned how I’m going to start serving as president of the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists (CIMA) in July.  I squeaked out a short little inaugural cry for help at CIMA’s business meeting in Seattle.  Although I’ll be away from my usual office this summer I expect I’ll have plenty to blog about as I serve in that office.  I’ll try to get some stuff up here over the summer, but I also intend to start putting content on CIMA’s website too.

On languages and archives

Thoughts on archival photographs

(Image # 02330071, from the John Lemon family papers, Ms 0233.  Copyright NMSU Board of Regents.)