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Single page: late-mid-semester freakout


You know you’re an archives nerd when . . .

Sorry I’m not doing this on my usual typewriter.  But this afternoon I found myself pacing my office, talking to myself as I tried to draw a schematic diagram of the principles in Terry Cook’s “Mind Over Matter” and Richard Cox’s No Innocent Deposits according to a template modified from Charles Peirce’s semiotic categories.

And it was fun. It was a real drag having to pull myself back to writing a personnel evaluation.  But then again, when have personnel evaluations ever been fun?

I don’t know if I can resist taking the special Diplomatics issue of American Archivist home for the weekend.

Single page: including thoughts on teaching

I’m going to try doing posts where I fill up one page and then call it quits.  I hope this will help me post more often, and maybe I can carry on the same question or matter through several posts.  Here’s what I wrote for today.

Conflicting thoughts about censorship

Short notice

This is what writing burnout looks like?

Yes, I know, two posts in a day.  Sorry.  I’m also sorry that I did this on bigger paper on a machine with smaller typeface.  Click to enlarge.

A very short post on grants