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Single page: late-mid-semester freakout


Peirce and Cook, briefly

I’m still working on it and expect I will be for some time.  I owe a great deal of thanks to Alan D. Manning, one of my Linguistics professors at BYU, for turning me on to this method of Peircean analysis.  You can see some of the work he has done on it here (look in the Lecture Supplements).

You know you’re an archives nerd when . . .

Sorry I’m not doing this on my usual typewriter.  But this afternoon I found myself pacing my office, talking to myself as I tried to draw a schematic diagram of the principles in Terry Cook’s “Mind Over Matter” and Richard Cox’s No Innocent Deposits according to a template modified from Charles Peirce’s semiotic categories.

And it was fun. It was a real drag having to pull myself back to writing a personnel evaluation.  But then again, when have personnel evaluations ever been fun?

I don’t know if I can resist taking the special Diplomatics issue of American Archivist home for the weekend.


Especially when they’re looking for ancestors from Chihuahua.

Single page: a writing high again

Single page: fast-paced

This is what happens when I read Kalevala after coming back disgruntled from meetings.  It’s a bit of a self-parody I guess: dashing off a post with little preparation and no revision.

Single page: including thoughts on teaching

I’m going to try doing posts where I fill up one page and then call it quits.  I hope this will help me post more often, and maybe I can carry on the same question or matter through several posts.  Here’s what I wrote for today.