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Cornstalk paper

As I was looking through the Santa Fe Railroad Agricultural Department (Amarillo, Texas) records today I found this:

The scanner I used doesn’t capture the color very well: the cover is bright yellow.  The paper is indistinguishable from pulp paper of the era (circa 1928).

My question is: why did they stop?  And what will it take for someone to start making cornstalk paper again?

One response

  1. Jack H

    I believe there were more trees than cornstalks during the 20s. So using cornstalk to produce costs more than using wood. Since today’s technology is far more advanced than the 20s and wood resource is getting scarcer, I believe making paper by using cornstalk pulp or other pulp from agriculture waste will become a trend.

    September 19, 2010 at 7:29 pm

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