I pursue a better understanding of archives work, jazz style.

The paper is the mirror


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  1. I had to look up the formal definition of the term “original order”, here quoted from the SAA’s website:

    “n. ~ The organization and sequence of records established by the creator of the records.”

    So, in my layman’s thinking, there’s only as much original order to an archive as the deceased person permitted there to be order in the first place. Meaning that, as in the case of this recent project of yours, not much.

    In my case, it would be more apt to coin the term “original disorder”. I have stacks of partially completed journal books; stacks of note-cards, back when I decided that a random-access journaling system of note-cards, similar to the “hipster PDA”, would work (I was partially correct; random access to each page is key, but 3×5 cards are too small); finally I’ve been journaling on individual sheets of paper, which can be dated and archived by subject matter, in 3-ring binders. I’m not sure if this method helps the most-mortem archivist (now there’s an egotistical thought) but it helps me to keep them organized by subject matter, chronologically.


    March 16, 2010 at 12:38 pm

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