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“Concerning bats and a means of getting rid of them”

From Ms 0440, Casad-Lane family papers.  Copyright NMSU Board of Regents.


On languages and archives

Thoughts on archival photographs

(Image # 02330071, from the John Lemon family papers, Ms 0233.  Copyright NMSU Board of Regents.)

Fun photos I found today

I was looking for some photos for a researcher, and in the process I found these.  They have nothing to do with the research request, and none of them have any identification written on them, which is a common problem with many of our photograph collections.

Is this the 1930s’ idea of a sexy librarian?  This presumably shows the interior of Las Cruces’ old Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, built in 1935 and now home to the Branigan Cultural Center.

I believe these are student journalists, working on the next issue of the Roundup, the student newspaper for the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, now New Mexico State University.  Of course I like seeing the two typewriters.  They seem to be in an office supply store: the shelves behind them are full of boxes of pencils and paper.

And finally, this one:

I know this is eight months too early, but I thought it was just too funny.  I wonder if the skunk has had its spray glands removed – if not, that woman is certainly right to be afraid!  It’s really too bad that the photographer gave no clue as to who these people are.

(The first two images come from the Rives Studio photographs, A74-061.  The third comes from the James M. Flanagan papers, MS 0259.  Both collections are in the New Mexico State University Archives and Special Collections Department, and the copyright is held by the NMSU Board of Regents.)

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